Sunday Worship


401 Glen Avenue, Palisades Park NJ 07650
10:30am.  Please join us for fellowship around coffee and donuts.

What should I wear? 

Clothes are a good idea. Beyond that, we're not picky. God is far more interested in our hearts than our appearance. So we invite people to wear whatever they are comfortable worshipping in. For some that's a coat and tie; for others it's blue jeans.

What WILL YOU do during WORSHIP?

During Sunday services, we invite people to worship God through singing both traditional hymns and contemporary, offering and gathering around the person of Jesus as revealed in the Scriptures. We celebrate the Lord's Supper (Communion) every month and will give you a heads up one week prior.  A bulletin and presider will guide you through the service with simple instructions.

We believe that the Bible is God's word, and therefore teach from Scripture.  Our sermons are centered around the person of Jesus and oriented towards application.  Typically, we teach through books of the Bible, interspersed with topical series.

What if I have children?... and they're Loud?

We'd love to have them and you!  Children are a blessing and an regular part of life!  Please feel free to sit in the back and leave/ enter at your convenience.