Join the Team

Over the past year, God has been bringing together a team of believers and calling them to plant a church designed to reach nonbelievers. We are excited to share the plan for Greenhouse Church, to be planted in the Fort Lee (NJ) region in the summer of 2016.   
To that end, we want to invite you to join our planting team, a group of people who will be tasked with planning and organizing the church from the ground up.  
There will be work to be done and personal sacrifice required, but we believe that the reward will be far greater; you’ll be surrounded with a vibrant community of Jesus followers and will experience first hand God's activity in renewing of people and communities. 

The most powerful resource we have  is prayer. We are asking for your commitment to stand with us in intercession for the church and the surrounding community.  We will invite you to join us for our prayer meetings once they are launched.

One of the greatest ways to impact Fort Lee is to join our launch team by worshipping and serving with us on Sundays or at a LIFE group meeting.  We would also ask that you would be a bridge to the community,  inviting people to our Sunday services.

In order to launch effectively, we need partners who are willing to give financially.  For your convenience we have setup an online giving system here.  Please consider giving  a one-time gift or by a recurring monthly donation here.